Development Services

Development Services Mission

The mission of the Department of Development Service is to provide the highest quality professional services in the areas of comprehensive planning and research, economic development, building inspections and plan review, and code enforcement to all citizens of Grapevine, Texas.

The Department is responsible for protecting the public health, safety and welfare by coordinating all development activities in a manner responsive to citizen needs and growth management objectives. Through this coordination, the department seeks to accommodate projected growth and recognize the social diversity of the City to provide social equity and opportunities for all to achieve a desirable quality of life.

The Dallas Road Transit District Overlay and Design Standards were approved by City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission at the February19, 2019 public hearing.  Please see the attached Transit District Property Overview map, which lists every property located within the Dallas Road Transit District Overlay.  This listing includes but is not limited to parcel size, zoning and contact information.