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Posted on: January 4, 2018

Dedicated Care Saves Puppy

Small tan and black puppy, named Penelope

On a cold day in early December we met a tiny puppy.  She was having the worst day of her life.  Lost or abandoned and extremely ill, she was diagnosed with Parvo--the puppy killing virus.  Our staff and veterinary team sprung into action immediately.  With Parvovirus, supportive care is extremely important as there is no medication to treat the virus itself.  The pup began fluid therapy, several antibiotics, and anti-nausea medication.  Staff placed her on a heating pad and dressed her in a warm sweater to prevent hypothermia and shock.  We gently comforted her and coaxed a little food into her tummy.  She was skin and bones; covered in fleas.

On the second day, we named her Penelope. If she had a name she would HAVE to survive.  She was treated for roundworms and hookworms discovered in a fecal test and thankfully no additional intestinal parasites were present.  Day in and day out, staff suited up in isolation gear to medicate and give fluids every few hours.  We willed the medications and support to be enough to pull her through.  We fought for her life.

Around day 5, as staff was arriving to the shelter to check on all the animals, we could hear Penelope's little voice yipping excitedly--she sounded good!  We discovered her wagging her tail at the front of the kennel and we knew she was a survivor and had made it to the other side.  We won.  Parvo couldn't have OUR puppy.

Our wonderful miracle was placed up for adoption with much fan fare, including a feature story on CBS DFW.  A darling couple fell in love with her and her brave journey on the news and hurried down to adopt our pup.  Staff was overjoyed.  

We work diligently to help make every animal's story a happy one and are thankful for the generous donations that made treatment possible for little Penelope.  Donations can be made directly on our website for those interested in contributing a tax deductible gift.

Please vaccinate your dogs to keep them from falling prey to this nasty virus.  The vaccine is readily available, effective, and affordable.  We hold low cost animal vaccination clinics at 500 Shady Brook Dr. in Grapevine throughout the year.  Click to see our calendar of events here.

This link from American Veterinary Medical Association has more information about Parvovirus.

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